Carbon Memory is a dynamic alternative rock band that develops sonic snapshots that are both transporting and cinematic. Steered by story-telling lyrics and melodic arrangements, the band conveys a sense of intimacy and movement through sound.

The Toronto rock quartet is coming off an exciting year, which saw them featured on Southern Souls, the fantastic online video archive of the latest Canadian independent talent, showcasing two live-off-the-floor performances for the band’s jazzy, sultry, and psychedelic laced song “Medusa” and their embracing and hopeful folk-inspired song “Ocean of Gold”.

August 2018, brought the band’s multi-faceted debut EP release, “Panoramas”. “Panoramas” distills the band’s foundational music influences, instincts, and artistic approach to writing music. The EP sees the band’s main song-writing duo seeking common ground in blending blues, soul, folk, jazz, and rock. The band’s debut record was produced and recorded at multiple local Toronto studios over a series of months and captures the band’s relentless and uncompromising efforts to materialize their first studio recording.

One might say that the sonic signature of “Panoramas” is its electric guitars, melodic arrangements and organic production. The band punctuated their release by chartering new live territory, taking the stage at Lee’s Palace in late August to celebrate their EP release with their fans.


   OCT 19   2019


Ottawa, ON

   OCT 02   2019

The Bovine Sex Club

Toronto, ON

   SEP 27   2019

Phog Lounge

Windsor, ON

   APR 21   2019

The Handlebar

Toronto, ON

   MAR 15   2019

The Opera House

Toronto, ON

   JAN 26   2019

The Bout – The Hideout

Toronto, ON

   OCT 11   2018

SOCT Festival – The Bovine Sex Club

Toronto, ON

   AUG 30   2018

Panoramas EP Release – Lee’s Palace

Toronto, ON


– OCT 19 2019 –
Pressed (Ottawa, ON)

– OCT 02 2019 –
The Bovine Sex Club (Toronto, ON)

– SEP 27 2019 –
Phog Lounge (Windsor, ON)

– APR 21 2019 –
The Handlebar (Toronto, ON)

– MAR 15 2019 –
The Opera House (Toronto, ON)

– Jan 26 2019 –
The Bout – The Hideout (Toronto, ON)

– OCT 11 2018 –
SOCT Festival – The Bovine Sex Club (Toronto, ON)

– Aug 30 2018 –
EP Release – Lee’s Palace (Toronto, ON)

+416 418 4832

Dennis Neves (Vocals / Guitar)
Demian Abal (Lead Guitar)
Andy Ranieri (Bass)
Simon Miminis (Drums)

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